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  Leling strong condiment co., LTD(13583447399)Is located in known as{Flavour}Of laoling shandong province,The company is located in LeLing YangAn Town industrial park,Covers an area of ten thousand square meters,Construction area of six thousand square meters,The geographical environment is superior,The transportation is convenient。The company has a complete industry chain and production equipment,Existing staff of more than one hundred and sixty people,Have good physical quality and skilled operation skills,Technical personnel 20 people,And equipped with professional product testing equipment and quality assurance system,Provides a good food for consumers,More healthy。

  The company developed different according to different consumer groups in different areas of the taste and specifications of products and packaging,Company's business involving various industries such as hotel hotel restaurant。Also travel good helper that occupy the home,Products exquisite good series、Xin yong series、30 series,Each series are equipped with high school low-grade products,Suitable for all kinds of Fried、Fried、Boil、Steamed、Cook、Stew、Halogen、Cold food, etc,Exquisite packaging、Selected materials,Fully challenge your sense of taste,To interpret{Emphasis on taste,Life potpourri}The aim of the。In line with to the company“Innovation、、Healthy corporate philosophy”Get consumers and sure。

  The company is give full play to their own advantages,Continuously improve the sales network,Pay attention to corporate image,Strive to build a universal town、Sales network in the community,The company set up more in home sales agents and after-sales service sites,Internally to improve staff quality,Learning technology,Enrich the modernization of production equipment。Company sales in the market opened the road{To taste}The window。

  Our strong voice of companies willing to work with universal,From all walks of life tongren common development hand in hand,Based on the quality and credit,Standardize the management,Introduce the development of science、To strengthen cooperation、Development of new products、The development of industry、Optimize the industrial structure,Table for the economic development and people。To provide a bright scenery line。

  Emphasis on taste,Life potpourri!




In the history of the sauce of the usage

Salt:To achieve the same salty,Later than the early use of salt salt salt less soya sauce:ACTS as coloring raises fresh,Especially do braise in soy sauce dishes or stew、Light soy sauce braised food:Used for seasoning,Suitable for cold dishes,Color is not heavy,Appear relaxed and vinegar:There are solutions、Remove shan、Reduction of spicy、A sweet smell、Prevent the effect such as black rice wine:Marinated meat feed can go to the red wine the sweet bean sauce:Beijing heaving、Sauce bao, etc。When do the noodles,And taste good with mayonnaise


Spice seasoning in use process matters needing attention

The use of spices range is very wide,So some matters need attention in use,To make the role of spices to the limit。Spice seasoning in use should pay attention to is all spices can not be used at random,Spices used to according to the characteristics of the spices and its effect to use,When need to increase food you will need to add the spice of aromaticity。When need to cover up the taste of food,You need to use some flavoring can mask the smell。In the process of adding,According to individual be fond of,To add the amount of spices and species。


LeLing forever strong spices limited public company will teach you the difference between a food additives and spices

Accurate method is to look at the product production enterprise production license。Dressing is gained by the food production license,Certificate number for beginning lettersqs;The food additive is gained by the industrial production license,The card number for beginning lettersxk。”


Joining the top ten strong word-of-mouth brand hotpot restaurant

Open hotpot restaurant has been a popular project,Whether it is a new thatched cottage of college students,Or more stores to businessmen,In the era of the living environment requirements,Very bullish on the development of hot pot industry,Has a strong interest in investment hotpot restaurant to join in,Especially in the case of industry transformation of economic development in recent years,Open hotpot restaurant become investment choice。




Shandong dezhou leling laoling YangAn Town alkali liu industrial park

Leling strong condiment co., LTD(13583447399)Located in laoling YangAn Town alkali liu industrial park,The company2002In a factory,A total of processing workshops3000Square meters,Over hundreds of employees,Produced condiment including,Raw materials series、30 series、Bottled series、Big packaging series、And successful registration“Xin yong”“Thirty”Condiments such as trademarks,Products are exported to Beijing、Tianjin、Shanghai、Guangzho、Shenyang、Harbin、, and many other provinces and cities,By the consumer's consistent high praise。

The main business:Cumin powder Sauce sparerib Sauce beef and mutton Marinated fish stew seasoning Welcome to order food, and a series of frozen products!

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