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Welcome new and old customers calls、Your mail、To figure、Incoming sample custom make all kinds of rubber, rubber and plastic products,We sincerely provide you with quality products and services。

Foshan city, southern rubber and plastic co., LTDOrder process

Order process

The southern rubber and plastic31Years focused on silicone rubber industrial customization product solutions

  • To figure proofing
    Foshan city, southern rubber and plastic co., LTD. Have professional cartography analyst,And an independent mold production equipment,Can according to customer drawings,All kinds of custom-made silicone extrusion sealing strip、Moulded products(The silicone lid、Terminal sheath)And so on。
  • To send us your sample
    My factory has a professional mold and technical personnel,Samples provided by the customer(Especially some special complex moulded products and some of the special shape of extrusion sealing strip, rubber and plastic products),To measure、Figure and mould。
  • Designed and developed
    Our factory has product design research and development personnel can according to the requirements of the customers in all aspects,Information collected statistics on demand、Redesign,Research and development of targeted new product,To meet customer requirements。
  • Die cutting type
    The service content can according to customer's drawings and requirements,For all kinds of plank、Article sheet using segmentation、Stamping processing all kinds of special shape,As well as the surface of gum,To meet customer's different appearance requirements。

The southern rubber four core strengths

You are the right choice

You are the right choice

Independent research and development

System certification authority,Quality embodies

The company is obtainedISO9001:2000Quality management system certificationProduction research and development of enterprises,And at the same timeROSHS,FDA,ULSuch as certificationSystem,The company for production equipment and product research and development technology、Equipment upgrading constantly updated detection department;To implement and coordinate customer product development and function of the perfect。

Cheap and fine

Source silicone foam products manufacturers

The companyWas established1986Years,The source of the technical professional development and production of rubber products manufacturers,The company is set upThe production department、Inspection department、Engineering research and development departmentSuch as multiple departments,The company also hasMany modern production workshop,Professional attitude and production,For the new and old customers to provide quality silicone foam board、Silicone foam etc series products。

Foshan city, southern rubber and plastic co., LTD., the silicone foam products independent research and development,Good and cheap products。
Foshan city, southern rubber and plastic co., LTD. Have professional product lab-testing brand strength。

Professional lab testing

Product by environmental protection inspection report

In order to ensure our products to meet customer requirements of environmental protection of raw materials,The company adopts high qualityEnvironmental protection raw material,As per production products,All passSpark test、High temperature test、Akron abrasion test、Shao Er hardnessTesting and other professional experiments,Professional to provide high quality products for you。

Brand strength

Customized service,Caring for you all the time

The company attaches great importance to customer service issues,Taking“The customer is supreme、Quality first”The aim of the,Brand strength,For every customer to provide customized service,The company has been adhering to the customer supreme service idea,Provide for the customerThe high quality service,At the same time with good corporate reputation and excellent serviceReturn the new and old customers

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On the south rubber and plastic

Foshan city, southern rubber and plastic co., LTD., founded in1986Years,A Home engaged in technology development and production of rubber products manufacturing enterprises,The main production of various kinds of:Rubber moulded products、Rubber extrusion products、Rubber foam products、Thermoplastic elastomer products、SoftPVCExtrusion products、Thermoplastic elastomer products、Sealing strip、Silicone tube、Foam tube、The foam、EPDMStrip、Rubber hose、Rubber extrusion products、Rubber foam products、Sealing ring、Silica gel plate, etc...

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