The advantage of container trailer in the natural disasters

For the container trailer,After the first results are in temporary housing,And also because of a certain effect,Are some certain conditions,The house can also promote the disambiguation of dispute of consequences。Results will be more widely。Until the service。  At this moment in the wenchuan earthquake,Let's visit at the end of set

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Huizhou huizhou hesheng container manufacturing co., LTD is located in the new town of taking the deep side of the road,The transportation is convenient、Facilities、The geographical position is superior。

The company's business scope:Design and manufacture of standard containers、Special container、Container modification、Equipment boxes、Container parts processing、Sales;Manufacture and development of special containers。All products in accordance with theISOStandard manufacturing,Product design technology、Environmental innovation for the idea;Products with high quality and reliable guarantee,The price is reasonable for the principle。One-stop service company:The design of all kinds of special containers、Production and all kinds of container service、Maintenance。 Company main products include: Generating set container Container data center Container type house Photovoltaic (pv) box Communication box……

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